project year: 2016

 location: Surbo, Puglia, Italy

designer team: CAPers group

3d modelling and rendering: CAPers group

The single family house is located in the 15th-century town center of Surbo, right near Lecce, famous city of Italian Southern baroque.

It is a traditional long and narrow lot house with two patios at short sides of the lot. The main courtyard opens to the street in front of a baroque church; the small one, located behind the house, is limited by a drystone wall.

The structure is composed of limestone walls and stellar vaults, typical ceiling in this region. Its limited facade still preserves the dignity and the simplicity of an old house of the early 1900s. During the course of years the house had been altered and enlarged adding new rooms on the first floor. The project aims to merge the two different building units in a single-family house, and to restore the entire building.

At the backyard, the most recent volumes were demolished, giving the possibility to open large arched windows in the facade, previously blind, which helps bringing light and ventilation into the building, thus, providing enough natural light for the occupants during the day. The ground floor is divided in two different common areas, a kitchen-dining room space and huge living room. Besides, it was created a private mezzanine to study and to read exploiting an existing secret gap between the two main floors. In the first floor, there are two spacious bedrooms with double beds and private balconies and a bathroom. The house also features a rooftop lounge area, with a pergola and stone bench, which overlooks town landscape.

Such contemporary remodelling gives it back the historical building, respecting its memory and adjusting it to the new needs.

CAPers Group - Capers are Architects and Planners | info@capersgroup.it | Creative Commons BY-NC