year: 2018

 location: Mbao, Senegal

designer team: CAPers group

 collaborator: arch. Monica Coralli

The project is located in Mbao, a town in metropolitan area of Dakar. The long and narrow lot (30x10m) is  the result of a wild parcelling.

Volumes are set at short sides, facing the street, creating a patio in the middle of lot which helps bringing light and ventilation into the building, thus, providing enough natural light into the apartments.

On the ground floor, two comercial areas are dived by the patio which accomodates a Muslim place with an ablution area. Residential entrance, in the side street, is linked to open stairwell on one side of patio. In each floor there are three housing units. The two-room flat, 60 sqm, with an open living room and one bedroom. The apartment, 135 smq, required by client, is designed thinking about the needs of senegalese family  characterised by  a central space called espace familial for daily time passed with family and a sitting room for guests. In addition, there are two bedroom with bathroom and  a kitchen with laundry.

Rooftop is divided in two part, a lounge area with pergola from one side and a tecnhical area with solar panels on the other side.

In the façades, ground floor can be distinguished from three other floors because of concrete screen wall of balcony.

CAPers Group - Capers are Architects and Planners | | Creative Commons BY-NC